Swiss Association of Sworn Translators
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Swiss Association of Sworn Translators

Objectives of the Association

The Swiss Association of Sworn Translators (ASTJ) was founded on 30 October 1995. Its primary objectives are to:

* bring together sworn translators and defend their interests;

* promote the office of sworn translator;

* encourage the use of the services of sworn translators;

* contribute to the high quality of work done by sworn translators by providing access to training and specific resources;

* inform ASTJ members about developments affecting their profession by means of a dynamic communication policy;

* maintain good relations with government and public bodies, bar associations, and any persons or entities requiring the services of sworn translators.

The ASTJ is governed by Articles of Association; it has a Code of Conduct to which all members must adhere. The Code stipulates, in particular, that ASTJ members wish to distinguish themselves through professional excellence and that they undertake to maintain confidentiality at all times.


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