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Swiss Association of Sworn Translators

Welcome to the website of the ASTJ, the Swiss Association of Sworn Translators

This website is devoted exclusively to professional translators authorised by Swiss authorities to hold the title of, and to practise as sworn translators, that is, to produce official translations the accuracy of which is certified by affixing a seal bearing the coat of arms of the State.

The title of sworn translator is protected and is only granted to qualified and experienced professionals who have undergone a very strict selection process before being sworn in. Their activities and fees are governed by official regulations.

By joining the ASTJ, sworn translators are not only bound by their legal obligations, but also by a commitment to offer very high professional standards to the people and entities using their services. This quest for quality is underpinned by their adherence to a Code of Conduct and by an undertaking to keep up to date with changes affecting their profession and to participate in continuing professional development.

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